Tom Murphy Speaks at 10th Annual Senior Fair in Chambersburg

Tom Murphy of R. Thomas Murphy & Associates, P.C. was invited to speak during the luncheon at the 10th annual Senior Fair, which was sponsored by The Village of Laurel Run and Representative Rob Kauffman. Tom spoke to a crowd of approximately 400 of the 1800 seniors who had come to attend the fair.seniorfair

Tom spoke briefly about the importance of having proper documents in place before a need arises. He told the crowd that after someone has developed dementia it may be too late to have them sign a Power of Attorney. He urged the crowd to be prepared for their futures.

Tom also gave information about the probate process and inheritance taxes, as well as briefly explaining the difference between the federal gift tax rules and the gifting rules which control when an individual needs long-term care.

Tom and Jared are both available to speak to any group interested in learning more about these important topics.